Gently Awakened:
The influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey

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Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey is for every creative Christian who has ever wondered how they could combine their faith with their creativity.


Gently Awakened was written in response to the many emails that I've received on this website. Artists wrote from around the world longing to creatively engage in the arts as a response to their faith. Yet they were plagued by all sorts of concerns. Real and pressing worries crippled them and diluted much of their passion as artists.

While reading their emails, I found myself thinking, "I've been there! I understand. I know just who can help walk you through to success." No, it's not me. It's God. I could never be the sort of coach, mentor, strategist, creative director, financier, or any other sort of resource that you, as a Christian artist, will surely need to pursue your calling.

Aware of how testimonies always encouraged me, whether I heard them in church or read them in a book, I wondered if perhaps my story would encourage someone else. This book is part memoir interspersed with color images of art and poetry. It is an account of some of my experiences as an artist and a testament to God's incredible faithfulness. His unchanging character is reason enough for you to confidently pursue art as an expression of your faith.

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What Gently Awakened Meant to Others

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I am one month into being a "retired" art teacher (K-5) and that means more time to read, more time for contemplation. It is also an uneasy time. Not …

I was inspired to trust God more as I use my talents for His glory. 
"Maybe you sense that the moments that sing truest in your life are those spent expressing yourself in art. If you were to step up boldly to live it out, …

Is it even possible to be a Christian artist and thrive? 
Hello, my name is Bill. I am a fiction writer with a Masters degree in English. I have ghost written five novels and have a published novel with my own …

Letter to Author 
Dear Sara, Here’s how I went about reading your book. Every day I would carve out 30 minutes to sit with a cup of coffee, a stack of colorful flags, …

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Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey

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