Grief, Joy And Art

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Grief, Joy and Art, a project that I've been working on since February, is finally finished and ready to be shared. 

To combine grief, joy and art in the same sentence will seem odd, since there seems to be no apparent connection between them. We are familiar with grief, but rarely do we experience joy in the midst of it. And what on earth can art have to do with grief and joy together?

That is the wonder of this account—the confluence of three disparate subjects, themes, or whatever you want to call them! They simply don't mix, like oil and water, hot and cold, beautiful and ugly. And yet they all come together in this true story, woven into a beautiful tapestry by Jesus.

We live in a fallen world, where death surrounds us. There are no detours or short cuts to avoid its damage. If we've not already experienced grief, we will one day surely find ourselves trapped in its vice like grip. Loss is inescapable—loss of loved ones, hopes, dreams, aspirations, resources...

But for the Christian, who believes in Jesus, there is hope—and not just a little hope, but life transforming, peace imparting, overcoming hope! 

The ability of Jesus to reach the broken hearted, right in the midst of their grief, is unmatched! No one else can claim such power. His capacity to transform grief into more than just calm acceptance of the circumstances, but into deep joy, cannot be found in any 10 step grief awareness program.  Joy in the midst of grief is only found in the person and presence of Jesus.

Unfamiliar with the oppressive grief that suffocates upon the death of a beloved spouse, my exposure came through an art commission.  I was to create a work of art to commemorate a romance that I sensed was a holy work of God. Art was to be the language of expression for my clients, a couple, who were very much in love. I was to capture their unique journeys with Jesus through grief into joy. 

Their story that accompanied that commission touched me deeply and simply begged to be told. I became convinced that this could be a source of help to others struggling to overcome their anguish and pain,

It is now available as an easy digital download.

$25, Download Now

Grief, Joy And art

Not yet available in print, this ebook is 184 pages in length. I've also included downloadable bonus material in an audio file with your purchase.

What's so special about this love story? It is true!

  • This authentic account is complied from a cast of real people from their journals, letters and personal materials
  • It is about death, life, love and romance, with Jesus at the heart of it
  • Strangely, it is also about art. 

the path of the just is like the shining sun,
That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.  Proverbs 4:18

The Perfect Day, an acrylic painting,  was created with the same intent of imparting hope in a world where it is being sucked dry. It is not the commissioned art that is in the book, but it carries the same hope with a different verse from Scripture that has always encouraged me.

What hope there is in the promise that for us, who believe, our paths will only grow brighter despite the darkness that threatens to snuff it out!

Painting in acrylics is a pleasant change from the challenges of painting in watercolor. Instead of working to maintain the transparency of watercolors, with acrylics I get to relish the opaque richness of layering them one on top of the other without concern of losing their vibrancy. A matte medium seals the final work to maintain that velvety surface finish, which has a very different look and feel from my watercolors.

To see the commissioned art that is at the heart of Grief, Joy and Art you will simply have to download it!  Who doesn't love a good testimony?

who would benefit from Grief, Joy & art?

Actually, just about everyone!

There is something so powerful about a true account that gives hope in a world where real hope is so difficult to come by.  Where man's wisdom comes up empty, Jesus delivers completely.

If I had to break it down, I would say Grief, Joy & Art would bless

  • Artists seeking to serve the Lord and man with their creative gift
  • Anyone struggling with despair or depression due to loss of any kind in their lives
  • Everyone yearning for the hope of eternity
  • Every Christian who loves a faith building testimony

David and Rachel, (not their real names) my clients, lost their spouses suddenly and without warning. If it were not for the unexpected gift of access to their personal journals and other materials, there would be no story to tell.

David is purposeful about his mission to point as many to Christ as possible. He is not a pastor, minister or member of the clergy, but the CEO of a Tech company.  He wanted to share his story to encourage others through his experience.

God's word is powerful. I've trusted His promises many times and enjoyed amazing outcomes as a result, but never have I seen its power more vividly than in this simple account. Neither dramatic, nor filled with descriptions of supernatural events, it is raw, authentic and in some ways ordinary. Yet isn't faith often like that—appearing ordinary and disguising its true power?

Life is brief, and sometimes it is ordinary accounts that best teach us how to live well for the kingdom.

So I encourage you to avail of this resource and then send me your perspective about it.

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