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Bible help for the Christian artist? Is there such a thing? Queries about a curriculum to follow, with specific teaching to help artists in the pursuit of creativity are frequent.

Yes, help is most definitely available. However, as eager as you are to develop as a Christian artist, God is interested in all of you. The changes He works are from the inside out, from your spirit to your art. Therefore His curriculum is personalized and completely unique. As a result, it is impossible to pin down and present Bible help as a formula.

The Holy Spirit is your promised guide, if you will trust Him. He will lead you into all truth. What is most exciting is that He will custom fit your curriculum to match you! Your strengths will be polished and magnified and your weakness, gently highlighted. Remedies will be suggested to you, and if you choose to take them, you will find yourself slowly transformed.

All this is possible only if you seek counsel in the right place. In the Bible, help is provided in the written word. However, its power is only manifested when acted upon by faith. That power will change you in more ways than you can imagine when you first seek the Bible for help.

In the Bible, help for life's challenges comes in two notable ways:

• Direct commands and instructions or

• Indirectly, from the riches gleaned as we study the lives of those who have gone before us – 'the great cloud of witnesses' cheering us on.

Ideas I've gleaned from the Bible to specifically benefit the Christian visual artist are presented in this website. I am a witness. All I include here I've proven in my own life! I've trusted and acted on its counsel and that precious, timely Bible help has concretely transformed my life and my art.

Keep in mind while reading, that although I have presented some possibly useful ideas, I do not make claims to being conclusive in anyway. Thousands of years have come and gone, and no one can claim to have mined all the riches in the Bible, or grasped it in its entirety! Making it relevant for your own life, in the time that you've been granted here on earth, is truly a worthy pursuit.

Dear Christian artist, nothing can take the place of your own lessons learned. God still speaks today through the Bible. He will help you form your own conclusions.

There is no other guaranteed way to grow as Christian artists, than to spend time studying the Bible.

Besides the Bible, which book can with authority;

• Inspire and chasten you?

• Offer comfort and rebuke?

• Reveal flaws and grant pardon?

• Expose and cover over?

• Prune and grow you?

• Cause you to weep and encourage you to rejoice?

• Drop you to your knees and lift you up, restored and tall?

• Beggar you and offer you immeasurable riches?

I know of no other. So why would you want to turn anywhere else instead of the Bible, for all the help that you need as an artist?

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