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The mention of Christian goal setting usually sends artists scurrying for cover. Ugh! Who needs goal setting? Isn’t it just a recipe for failure?

Sweet Hour of Prayer
Oil on Canvas
Sara Joseph

Sweet Hour of Prayer, Oil, Sara Joseph

There is the repeated cycle of excitedly setting goals, followed by the dejection of not meeting them! I used to think that it would be preferable to submit to torture than to set goals! Not any more.

There is something in our makeup as artists that despises structure or planning. We are by nature, more likely to be impulsive with the use of our time, as we are with creative activity. Our spontaneous temperament, which may be our strength, has the potential to also be our weakness.

How do we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, if we have predetermined goals? Can successful Christian goal setting allow for the spontaneity of the leadership of the Spirit, as well as achieve measurable productivity?

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Yes! Most definitely. Consider this:

• God has carefully chosen you, with your specific ability and your unique circumstances, for such a time as this.

• He has also given you total ownership of your time upon this earth.

• The hours of every day are yours, to employ or squander. As a Christian artist reading this page, I am fairly certain that you want to optimize your time for the greatest impact.

When you consider Christian goal setting from the perspective of your role in His plan, then effective time management becomes critical.

Before you feel overwhelmed, let me assure you that it can be distilled down to a few simple principles.

In a world where little is assured, I have a wonderful guarantee for you. If you follow this, I promise you that your art and everything related to it, will explode with an energy and direction, which is heaven kissed.

Set aside the clearest, most productive part of every day. It is immaterial whether it is in the morning or at night. What is critical is that you are alert at this time. Consider this an important investment.

Set this time aside for the singular task of seeking God. Begin with a small amount of time, but if you desire greater results, increase it, for exponential benefits. No artwork should be done during this time.

Carefully study (not merely read) your Bible, pray and enjoy His company and journal your conversations. That’s it!

Read about a symbol that the Lord once gave me for setting my goals.

Why do I think that it is the most important item for your daily agenda? It is because I am aware of the whirlwind pace at which our lives are lived out. If this is not scheduled, it will not happen. More than anything that I tell you about goal setting, there is nothing more powerful than making this an inviolable appointment of every day. Do not allow a day to go by, without accomplishing this.

All the aspects of your artistic growth: areas that you are not even aware of - poor skills, weak ideas, lack of supplies, motivation, or resources.., will be transformed and revolutionized by the investment of this time.

I promise you that, if you begin your goal setting activity with this today, you will be overwhelmed by your artistic progress by this time next year.

How can I be certain that this works? It has worked for me and it is backed by God’s word, which states that ‘ that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” Heb 11:6.

The word in Greek for 'seek' implies 'to investigate or scrutinize'. It implies sustained attention, far more than casting a casual glance, or murmuring a hurried prayer. What is encouraging is that the Greek word for ‘rewarder’ actually means 'the one who pays wages'!

In our fast paced world, God promises that if we carve out the time to study Him and be with Him, then He will more than adequately compensate our effort and time. Any form of Christian goal setting for the artist, which does not begin with this crucial first step, is doomed to failure.

Read about setting boundaries as you set goals.
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