Letter to Author

by Kimberly

Each flag a diamond!

Each flag a diamond!

Dear Sara,

Here’s how I went about reading your book. Every day I would carve out 30 minutes to sit with a cup of coffee, a stack of colorful flags, and your book. I would slowly read a couple of chapters at one sitting, flagging things you said that caught my interest regarding your time at home in India and about India’s colorful culture, your creative ways of forming a phrase, and some places where I seemed to eavesdrop on special moments of you talking with the Lord through poem and art.

Your writing made for easy reading and though I wanted to rush to the next exciting chapter, I stopped myself after 2-3 chapters because I wanted to think about the things you were saying. Your words opened a conversation between the Lord and me about my own artistic abilities. I am happy to report that the Lord met me as I sought Him.

This photo shows how your book looks as I closed the final chapter. These colorful flags will stay in place as they are spots that I want to return to again and again.

A fellow Christ follower,

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Loved it
by: Connie R

I have not read this book, but I will now. This is a beautiful way to let someone know they are blessing someone else. A wonderful blessing back. I also want to go to India, our church has a ministry that goes there as well, I pray to go. I feel it would be such a growth experience. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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