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Sara Joseph

Inspiring stories can cause you to pause. Some encourage, others affirm and most of them will derail your routine approach to making art. When they are stories that combine faith, they prove to be memorable and often irresistible.

For the Christian artist, such stories also provide insight about the possibilities of our human condition in partnership with God. They tamper with our preconceived notions, stretch our expectations and cause us to aspire to more. Sometimes they even change our perspective and priorities.

The Bible set firmly in time is undoubtedly the best resource for inspiration.. When we read it with hearts full of faith, we draw nourishment for life's daily challenges. Reading it comes with the added bonus of the promise that God does not show favoritism. So whatever happened in a Biblical account holds lessons for me with desirable outcomes that can be mine, if I believe. They give me hope and fill me with faith. A few such those lessons can be found in Bible Help.

Here, I've included other stories that I have heard. These are retold with literary freedom as any storyteller would exercise. If there is a source that I can point you to where you can read a more accurate account, I will direct you to it. I admit to taking great liberties in their retelling. You will hear why they moved me. I am constantly on the lookout for true accounts which are specifically relevant to the Christian artist.

The making of art involves so much more than just the physical act of creativity. It is far more than the final product, whether it is a painting, drawing, sculpture or some other tangible object. It is the reflection of the artist’s intent and emotions. It mirrors a specific pause in their unique artistic journey – a pause to state their reality in the moment. Art is the baby of the whole artist – so I will include stories that inspire the development of the character of the artist, spiritual and otherwise.

It is my hope that each of these essays will lift your spirits when the going gets tough – as it surely will in every believer’s life.

Perhaps somewhere among these inspiring stories, there will be one that God uses to encourage you.

Enjoy the stories below:
The Story of the Unusual Relief Sculpture
The Story of Trusting God
Lance Brown and his Jesus Images
The Story of a Woman of Faith
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