Collaborations brought about by the Holy Spirit are unexpected and full of surprises. Beginning...Again was no exception. Shannon and I met years ago and reconnected recently to work together on this project. 

As a veteran Bible teacher at her church, she is gifted with the unique ability to lead students by asking thought provoking questions about truths described in the Bible.

In an increasingly chaotic world, the gift of a fresh start from the One who has the power to make the future extraordinary is a topic that intrigued me. Shannon will take you on a journey in this workbook traversing landscape you must travel through in order to arrive at a better destination.  What the Holy Spirit will work in you as you embark on this journey will be as unique as you are. 

The workbook is an invitation to ponder God's word planted along the way, like blooms whose fragrance must be breathed in slowly.

My contribution is the art that spills over in page after page of color.  Each landscape was painted in conversation with Jesus in the studio, learning, growing, and absorbing His amazing goodness.

It is my hope that the landscapes remind you that God is a master of cohesiveness especially in the process of transformation. He has the supernatural ability to take the disparate parts of your life’s journey and make something of beauty with it.

This is a journey worth taking for everyone who is captivated by the hope of beginning...again.

Shannon adds her own words below.

Beginning... Again: A Bible Study Workbook

Beginning... Again, Shannon Vowell and Sara Joseph, $21 + ShippingBeginning... Again, $21+ Shipping

Shannon Vowell: Author

The need for a new beginning can feel urgent, relentless.

Perhaps the need arises from a broken relationship, a difficult health diagnosis, the death of someone close, an unexpected job loss, a wayward child, or some other deeply personal catastrophe. 

Perhaps the sense that the whole world has lost its way suffocates confidence that “it will be okay.”

But whatever the source of our need for a new beginning, that need can best be met through the help of the One who made us, has been with us all the while, and will never leave us. We need God – every moment, every day–  to bless and guide us!

This workbook is written to connect those needing a new beginning with the One who can meet that need. Designed to encourage and equip, it applies the truth of scripture to present circumstances and future possibilities . It provides tools for being released from painful pasts and/or harmful habits. Guided by God’s Word and refreshed by the God-ward beauty of Sara Joseph’s art, readers find freedom for now, and forever.