Polymer Clay Projects

The polymer clay projects included here are relief sculptures that will help you see my messy process from idea to conception. Some artists are neat and precise in their step-by-step instructions. They help students arrive at specific results. I am not one of them. Instead, my work is frequently a process of discovery, worship and prayer. I can only suggest—you must then step out in faith on your own!

Tell your story

Some artists offer templates and detailed design plans to guide students in every aspect of the work. My objective is different. My intention is not to offer instructions that you can duplicate precisely. Instead, I am convinced that you have a story to tell. The world needs your testimony - your unique point of view. All too often student artists become so enamored with the work of their teachers that they lose their own voice. Their bland copies of the skill of their teacher only impoverishes them. They lose their chance at being unique and of speaking visually in order to be heard for their unique perspective.

As a Christian artist, God has given you your own visual vocabulary. The more you work in various media, the more conscious you will become of it. Your tastes and preferences will surface. There will be colors that you respond to, or shapes that please you more than others.

Over time you will develop familiar themes and symbols that you find yourself repeating in your work. When telling your story to the world, think about and use naturally your personal, familiar, visual imagery.

I am also aware that the best learning is done watching the processes of other artists. The polymer clay projects shown on the related pages, if you follow the links below, are for just that purpose. It is my hope that you will not copy any of my work and reproduce it exactly. If you do so, do it to learn how, and do it to understand the mechanics of a work. But after that, it is my prayer that you will use polymer clay to create your own wonderful works of art.

So read on, keeping in mind that your way of arriving at a satisfactory work of art may be very different from mine. To see a picture trail, click on the links below.

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The Parable of the Sower Project
Burnt Offerings- a Polymer Clay bas-relief
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