Blessings for Obedience

What does the Bible say are blessings for obedience to God?  I am helped as an artist if I understand what God may require of me and what He will bless.

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: Is 1:19

Christianity is unique. Our identity is hidden in Jesus. We do not have to earn God’s approval to be blessed. All that is required of us is to trust Jesus, the victory He won on the cross and to remain, or abide, in Him. Forgiven of our sins, which separate us from Him, we can boldly approach God for all we need as artists. The blessings for obedience begin with this understanding.

I try to memorize as much of His Word as I can, and  purpose to do my best to obey them.  You can too. Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all. As you live life, the Holy Spirit will remind you of the words you must obey. Then you will enjoy a blessed life that is more wonderful than anything you could ever have imagined!

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. Jhn 15:4

The Bible has hundreds of promises of blessings for obedience and it would be beyond the scope of this page to explore them all. My favorite list of blessings is found in Deuteronomy 28. Just wrapping your mind around these is sufficient for a lifetime of joy! Study them yourself and ask God to reveal even more than I write here. I am merely summarizing  them to make it plain to you that God intends to overwhelm us with His goodness, if we will but heed His voice and walk in His ways.

As you read these let your imagination soar with hope for an amazing, blessed future!

Blessings for Obedience (based on Deuteronomy 28:1-14): My summary to help artists overcome their worry about the future.

•    Everywhere you go, God will elevate you and make an example of you. He will shine His spot light on you making it plain to all who observe that you are blessed by Him. That is a phenomenal blessing for obedience! No longer do you have to worry about your labor in art being appreciated. If you obey Him, He will find places for your work to be a blessing. He will do more - everything about your life will sparkle with His blessing.

•    Your loved ones - children, spouses, parents.. will be so blessed that concern for them will not cloud your creativity. Instead, with with a heart full of gratitude and joy because of their prosperity, you can enjoy an unhindered, creative life of excellence. What an amazing blessing for obedience!

•    You will be blessed regardless of where you live, whether in a city or in the country. I used to think that location mattered a great deal for artists. It was plain to me that some parts of the country were more receptive to art and better educated than others. But I now know that God’s blessing can make your art meaningful regardless of where you spend your days on this earth. Location is no match for the power of this blessing for obedience!   

•    Your resources will be more than adequate for every challenge that comes your way. He will provide or multiply what you possess and faithfully put to use, if you are obedient to His voice.    

•    Wherever you travel, God will bless you, coming and going. You never have to concern yourself with safety regardless of how turbulent the world is. His blessing has you covered.   

•    You will witness those who oppose you relenting, not because you exercised “your rights”, but because of the boundaries of blessing that God draws around your life. He will change circumstances to ensure victory for you in every confrontation. Make no mistake, you will face opposition, so this is another precious blessing!   

•    You will overflow in “stuff”- material and tangible. No longer will you have to worry about being a “starving artist”. With these blessings for obedience, you will always have more than you can use. You will never run out.   

•    You will have such an abundance that others will draw from you, not you from them. You will never run out. Wait, didn't I already say that?! God seems to relish repeating Himself - many of these blessings overlap, happily restating promises to ensure we get it! 

•    Your life will flow like the seasons. Enjoy periods of quiet followed by seasons of vigorous growth - it is all part of the blessing! Regardless of the season, He will provide the “rain”  - the perfect resource that you need to flourish - whether it is rest or energy, tangible supplies or favor. He knows best what we need and He promises to supply.

•    All through this process, God is establishing you as His own, which is truly one of the most remarkable blessing for obedience that there is! You will be that witness - the poster child for His goodness. Your life will demonstrate the benefits of following God.

I cannot help but marvel at the breadth and scope of God’s promises. It  motivates me to listen closely, to heed His voice and to be obedient.

Unconvinced that it is best for man to obey God? Then read the latter half of Deuteronomy 28. It is a chilling account of all that can go wrong if you choose to disregard God’s ways. It does not take much imagination to see it vividly at play in the suffering that is so prevalent everywhere.

What is sorely needed in the world are flesh and blood examples of artists living happy, fulfilled, blessed lives of the kind that God promises.

So where are they? Where are the "blessed ones"? Will you step up to become one?

All it takes is willingness and obedience.