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Remember that as "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." Pr 27:17 KJV

Sitting in the Shadows

Since the birth of this site, I have received many emails that offered wonderful insight on the personal challenges of being a Christian visual artist. It would be simply too time consuming to upload them all.

However, here is a small sampling of comments from visitors about Christian Artist Resource.

"Oh, God bless you for developing this site! The Lord led me here. I have been struggling with my God-given call of being an artist -at times trying to push it down and then on the other hand, almost fearing what would come out, if I had the chance to pursue all the ideas the Lord had given me to minister using art! Thanks again." Erika W

"I am having difficulty writing to "define" what it is we do, that God has given us. This website is helping. I thank God for your hearing Him." Michael R

"Thank you and bless you for this site!! I have been an artist for many years. About five months ago, the Lord spoke to me in a dream and said "paint" - I've never painted, always used other media. This past year has been one of extreme struggle for me personally as I move closer to my destiny - Praise God for the freedom!! So I thank you for your testimony - I feel as though the Lord led me to it. I have had major breakthroughs in my life, and now this is the next step for me bringing me closer to my destiny." Maria N

"I have been in a downward spiral of procrastination and started searching the web for prayers to help me overcome this negative state as a person and an artist. Then I came to your web page and I want to thank you ever so graciously, for what you are doing and have done. It was like totally what I needed. Thank you for sharing w/us all and putting your ideas out there. You are a brave and beautiful spirit. Thank you, thank you. I am still trapped right now but I am going to do my best to meditate and pray. The power of prayer is such a blessing from God." Angelena U

I am grateful to these, and countless other friends I've made since this website went live. Your comments, correction and encouragement are always gratefully received.

I know that presenting our challenges and triumphs in a open forum can contribute greatly to edifying one another.

So if you have a question to ask or a comment to offer about the site, this is where you can do it. It is easy to do! Your comments will be available to everyone to read. They will be invaluable to both me, and the other visitors, of this site.

If, however, you wish your comments to remain private and not published, please contact me directly.

I look forward to your feedback.

Ideas, Suggestions and Input.

What are your challenges in pursuing art as a Christian?
Are there questions that you would like to see answered on this site?
Has this site helped clarify your call or mission?

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Do I belong or should I ask that question? 
I am "out of the gate" again at age 53 excitingly pursuing art and trying to get organized. I joined CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) back in November. …

A time of Refreshment 
I discovered your site a few years ago and so relieved and so encouraged to discover such an all encompassing, spirit filled place. I love the sense of …

Found a home 
I am so glad to have found this website. I had no idea so many people were struggling with commands to express Biblical truths and feelings through …

Discouragement in becoming an artist 
This is my first time to ever write a blog post. I really needed someone that I could talk to about what I consider to be continual spiritual attack …

Gallery of Faith 
I hope you will view, enjoy and pass along our Gallery of Faith on Facebook Thanks Kyle Albee

I am so thankful for this website. I searched a while to find something like this. It is a support & an inspiration. I am trying to find the path that …

I can't believe that in this day and age there is such a straight forward site regarding being a Christian first, and also being an artist. When I started …

My Soul Is Overwhelmed 
I have been studying colors of the Bible as I prepare for a women's conference. Soon I will also be leading worship for a prayer event. So this morning …

Not ahead; but not behind, either. 
My usual problem is not in getting too far ahead of God; it is in being too far behind Him. Its better to be in step with God. I'm working on …

Thanks ! I needed this !! 
I'm trying to justify the faith of my Pastor who invited me to create art for the Church. This has been a little like a 'coming out' for me since up …

Just want to say Hi and Thanks 
Hi there, I am a 38 yr old husband and father of two. I have the tug you are talking about. I keep getting a strong pull to create art that glorifies …

Bible Study & Art Therapy? 
I want to combine my concern for hurting Christians, use peer counseling and art therapy (learned at college for a school counseling degree), and Bible …

A Word In Season! 
Thank you so much for your inspirational & encouraging website. Each section you have, seemed to answer my own questions/concerns that I had. I …

The only burden that I want, is the one the God gave. 
Dear Sara, Thank you for your site. I believe God led me to this site. I really have a burden to start a ministry for artists in our church. I am an …

Very Inspiring 
I came to your website by accident, as I was searching for materials to be featured on my FB page "Christian Music And Arts", and have so far posted 2 …

"Victim, no resurrection" 
I read with interest your article as to Christian art and the artist's cause. In respect to this and if you really want to see art that questions and …

The site is a blessing 
I am so thankful for this site. There are so many of us out there that have the desire to paint but lack the confidence needed to press through. …

I am touched by your clarity and sincerity. Without being patronizing, I would like to say well done for all your hard work in bringing this web site into …

An Inspiring Breath of Fresh Air 
After hours of bitter, frustrated, disappointed tears my eyes now mist with hope and encouragement. I was told two days in a row, by two separate people …

Thank you! 
Thank you! I have been blessed by your site.

God has always been my favorite artist 
It is true that pursuing the life of a Christian artist is full of challenges and struggles. But God has given me a joy in seeing the world and interpreting …

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