by Beth Benton
(Baton Rouge, LA)

I am one month into being a "retired" art teacher (K-5) and that means more time to read, more time for contemplation. It is also an uneasy time. Not knowing quite what to do next. That is when God lead me to your book.

The gifts God has given you, the life he has given you, you share with great obedience to God to do so, courage, generosity and love for others beyond measure.

Thank you for writing this much needed book. The art world, its worship and worshipers tire and bore. How thirsty Christian artists are for books like yours.

I hope to pass along the many seeds you have sown. This book was UNEXPECTED, joyful, poetic, transcendent, funny, contemplative.

I will read it again and again.

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Thank you for your review.
by: Sara

I had to chuckle at your caption.

UNEXPECTED is what this book as been for me too - in more ways than I can describe!

It convinces me more than ever that our journey with the Lord ought to be just that - UNEXPECTED!

Things I thought ought to matter don't, people I thought were important aren't, others I thought were inconsequential are of infinite value....

And of course, as I recalibrate my expectations, He surprises me again - all part of a delightful, ongoing adventure!

You have now hopefully joined me in it!

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