The Palm & Pen School
For Christian Artists 

The Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists is now open for enrollment! I'm eager for you to explore the school to see why I'm so excited about this. Click on the banner below to explore.

Palm and Pen School For Christian Artists

In the school, I've created a Free Course to give you an overview of the type of content you can expect. It is intended to whet your appetite for the other paid courses that the school offers.

I've worked hard to create a virtual school with classes to train your understanding of art and creativity from a Biblical point of view, while keeping each course as affordable as possible.

If you are eager to gain a Biblical perspective about art and creativity that could energize your productivity and inspire your output, then this school is for you!

The Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists

As an artist, you probably have a burning desire to serve the Lord with the work of your hands. Yet, if you are like I was, you may be hesitant about how to go about it. Any assurances I make about your calling might encourage you, but they would only be from a human perspective. You must hear from God yourself! 

The ONLY way to hear God's voice about your destiny as an artist is from the pages of the Bible.

What you need, and what I wished I had when I was a beginner artist, is the confidence that comes from faith in the Bible. One word from God can truly change your life forever!

But someone has to share that word. Someone has to explain how some verse, nugget of wisdom, or unalterable truth from the Bible was used to make a difference in

  • creating art, 
  • the quality of time spent in the studio
  • creativity
  • idea generation
  • handling sales or the lack of it
  • dealing with money
  • and other quirky aspects of the artistic life.

I am that someone! 

Interactions with Christian artists over the years kept revealing similar concerns, doubts, worries and hopes. I searched the Bible for answers and understood truths that helped me in my journey. Perhaps I can help you too.

I teach those life lessons in the Palm and Pen School for Christian Artists.

Classes in this virtual school can be taken at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Palm & Pen School for Christian artists

 will help you

  • Build a Biblical foundation for your creativity
  • Bring clarity about aspects of your artistic journey
  • Teach Biblical truths about money
  • Inspire you by the potential of art
  • Challenge the perception of your mission

Retraining your mind using the Bible, while grappling with questions about your destiny as an artist, is the purpose of the Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists.

How much does the Bible say about your potential as an artist? Certainly more than I ever imagined!

After months of praying, planning and creating, I'm thrilled that the school is finally a reality. But even so, it is only a beginning! Many more courses will be added over time. So check back often or sign up to receive updates about new additions to The Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists.

The Free Course will give you an idea of my teaching style, but is only an overview of what the school is all about. I look forward to seeing you in class!