I was inspired to trust God more as I use my talents for His glory.

by Amy @ Seasons of Opportunities

"Maybe you sense that the moments that sing truest in your life are those spent expressing yourself in art. If you were to step up boldly to live it out, do you worry that you would starve?"

Sara's book encourages boldness in living out the creativity God has instilled in you. She, herself is blessed with talent not only in art, but also in writing and is using it as a means to express her faith. Her book is an encouragement to artists who are seeking to balance their desire to use, develop, and pursue their artistic talents as well as juggle life.

Sara shares her story - Born in India, lover of art and painting, immigrant to America, wife, mother, business entrepreneur, child of God, yet, missing something. She shares how as she grew in her faith, she began listening to that still small voice encouraging her to pursue the creative talents God had given her. What were her fears? How did she begin to take those baby steps in faith? As she pursed God's will, she began to recognize that her creative talents came from her Creator, and were meant to be used and cultivated. She learned to trust His guidance and direction in her life. I was moved as I read. And you will be too!

Sara gives insight into the purpose of our lives. " The answers are mysteriously intertwined with Jesus". She explains how God manifests himself to us- "If we complain we never hear God - perhaps its simply because we haven't taken time to restrain our roving attention and draw nigh." She talks about letting God manage our time and resources. She encourages keeping a journal and reminding ourselves of answered prayers. Intriguingly, she uses the fig tree as a symbol and analogy of our Christian life. There is so much to learn through her words, and so much I was able to relate to.

For me, as I read, I felt like I was getting to know her, sitting with her over a cup of coffee. I was encouraged to use my artistic abilities and trust God to provide through them instead of just using them as an on-the-side pastime. Her passion for God is evident throughout the book. Although geared more to artists, I think this book could be read by anyone with an open mind to what God might have prepared for them. It is full of golden nuggets. And I will certainly be reading it again.

I was so blessed to receive this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review.

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