Is it even possible to be a Christian artist and thrive?

Bill Howard, Reviewer for Reader's Favorite

Bill Howard, Reviewer for Reader's Favorite

Hello, my name is Bill. I am a fiction writer with a Masters degree in English. I have ghost written five novels and have a published novel with my own name in the by line. I am currently writing two more novels of my own. My writing is typically action/adventure, romance, fantasy or a mixture.

My reading preferences have typically been from western, romance, fantasy, adventure, techno-thriller and literary genres. I am very honest with my criticisms and people trust my opinion.

Is it even possible to be a Christian artist and thrive? In “Gently Awakened,” by Sara Joseph, you’ll come to understand that it is impossible not to.

Sara shows how the scriptures not only bring us to salvation, but direct us toward the meaning in our lives. Her illustration, taken from the book of Jeremiah, concerning the “good figs” sets the stage for creating an understanding of our need to bear the fruit that we were created to bear. She shows how Satan often tries to use the same tricks he has always used in order to derail our efforts, because by bearing our fruit we become more like our creator. Sara gives practical applications of the scriptures to help you commit to using your art in order to bear witness of Christ rather than hiding it under a bushel or abandoning it altogether. Through surrendering to your purpose in Christ, she shows how the miracles which seem to be distant and ancient stories can become a reality and the abundance which comes from God’s bounty is ours. Her book is illustrated with her own works of art throughout as a testimony to her commitment to the calling which God has placed upon her.

Sara Joseph touched a deep spot within me through “Gently Awakened.” Although I have already taken steps toward the transformation to a full time writer and novelist, there have been times that I have wondered if I am truly following the path which 40 years of faith has set before me. I have turned away from that path time and time again as I have pursued “making a living.” Sara very gently allowed me to see that the seasons of my art are moving forward, just like the seasons of the fig tree from planting, cultivating, blossoming and bearing fruit come through time as the tree is tended.

Honest, inspiring and practical; “Gently Awakened” is essential reading for artists who are seeking God’s guidance for their vocation.

Sara, thank you for the wonderful conversation that we shared within your book. I don't often write a note to authors, but this is a special case. I wanted to share something that my favorite literature professor shared with me in college. She always called the authors, represented within the books on her shelves, her "friends." She would hand me a book off of one of the shelves in her office and say, "Why don't you visit with my friend, Hemingway or Cather?" I learned precious lessons about literature from her and she developed me as a writer as well, but more important than ever, I see God's Word in a completely different light. I love sitting down and visiting with, "my friend Jesus." I have also thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my friend Sara.

May God continue blessing your art and this book.


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