"Victim, no resurrection"

by Rachel

I read with interest your article as to Christian art and the artist's cause.

In respect to this and if you really want to see art that questions and challenges, I think you need to see the painting "Victim, no resurrection", by the artist Terry Duffy, recently exhibited at St Martin-in-the Field London.


My Response:

Hi Rachel,

I did as you asked and visited the site to view the work of Terry Duffy. As he describes it, the work is a heart felt response to the riots in UK of 1981. The work is now a topic of debate and discussion about victims worldwide. His companion poem for the work, also reflects his sentiment about what is the cornerstone of the Christian faith - the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.

However, I respectfully disagree on the basic premise of the work.

The Bible is very clear that Jesus was NOT a victim. The cross is NOT a symbol of helplessness, but of victory. Jesus knew His destiny was the cross, it was His mission. He was deliberate about it - His every action a conscious step toward it. Here is what He had to say about His own life.

"No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again."Jhn 10:18

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." Heb 12:2 KJV

As for the -"no resurrection" aspect of the title, I once again beg to differ. We are Christians BECAUSE of the Resurrection of Jesus. Our faith would be futile, and frankly ridiculous, if it were not for the Resurrection.

As someone who has been transformed by the Resurrection power of the Cross, I am saddened that all the discussion and debate seems to miss the very essence of Christianity.

Because of the Cross and the Resurrection, I am no longer a victim, but a victor. It is a victory that Jesus won for me, deliberately, with authority and finality. My life was changed and will never be the same.

I do thank you, Rachel, for sharing this work. It does seem to provoke a response.

However, my response is one of disagreement with both the title, and the fruitless debates on victims, with the underlying premise that Jesus was the chief victim around which the discussions seem to focus.


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'Art and Sustainability'
by: Terry

Dear Sara, as I am not a writer but a painter I try to avoid getting bogged down in words. I leave the comment for your reflection.

The painting along with 'The Coventry Dresden Cope' is presently installed in Coventry Cathedral to commemorate the bombing there 75 years ago. It was dedicated 2 weeks ago to the loss of life in Paris.

During Lent 2016 it will be installed in the Chapel of Kings College on the Strand London. The theme will be 'Art and Sustainability' concerning how we sustain soul and spirit during these worrying times of extremism.

Kindest regards


Victim no resurrection?
by: Terry Duffy

Terry: Sara, from the horses mouth! By chance I came across this blog and it was interesting to read your response and thanks to you and Rachel for viewing the work.

However, whilst you outline your redemption and victory to Rachel in your response I think you strongly miss the point in the work.

Firstly, the work by its very size is a powerful and positive symbol. Its offers religious confidence not its demise.

Secondly, the title is, by its very nature, both a statement and question testing faith and the predictability of resurrection. You shouldn't take your resurrection for granted, it has to be constantly earned.

Thirdly, your response seems very self orientated, your victory, your resurrection! My work is about remembering and realizing the plight of others and how we need to help others to achieve greater reconciliation, peace and faith.

Finally, the work says 'enough is enough', we need to do more for others whose lives are far worse than ours. Resurrection is achieved through others not ourselves.



Thank you for this response. Perhaps I did miss your intent. For that I sincerely apologize.

As an artist myself, I cringe frequently when someone misunderstands me, or my work. Now here I am guilty of the same! Do forgive me.

I am so overwhelmingly conscious of how much of the artist's heart and soul in entangled in the making of any work of art.

The intent of this site is to encourage and engage, not to snuff out our vulnerable enthusiasm for this fragile pursuit of being an artist.

In that same spirit of engagement, if you have the time or the inclination, I would be interested in understanding a little more. Would you mind elaborating on your last comment?

"Resurrection is achieved through others not ourselves."

I think the readers of this site would be interested in your take on that, as I would.

Thanks again for correcting my understanding. I do hope that you will accept my apology.

May God continue to bless the work of your hands.


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