The only burden that I want, is the one the God gave.

by Jherae

Dear Sara,

Thank you for your site. I believe God led me to this site. I really have a burden to start a ministry for artists in our church. I am an artist myself, my specialty is in digital arts.

My vision is to teach younger artists about God's word and develop their skills in arts. These artists will make a difference in using their skills for the glory and honor of our Lord. He is the Father of creativity. Visual arts can be used in worshiping our Savior and Lord.

Your site will be much of help in starting this ministry. Thank you for this. Include us in your prayer.

May God bless you mightily and expand your territories.



Dear Jherae,

Thank you - to God be all Glory.

I pray Col 1:9-12 for you as you seek His will. May the students under your care prosper in all that they put their hands to.


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