Just want to say Hi and Thanks

by Matthew
(Granada Hills, CA)

Hi there,

I am a 38 yr old husband and father of two. I have the tug you are talking about. I keep getting a strong pull to create art that glorifies the Lord. I'm still not sure where to take it because I have no formal art education.

I used oil pastel recently and it was as if the drawing created itself. My whole family was amazed at what I did.

I really appreciate what you have done with this website and we need to have more Godly people to support us in what we do.

God Bless.

It seems like you have already begun the adventure, Matthew! Just remember that you are never alone.

"Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be." Job 8:7

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by: June

Hello Matthew,

I can really identify with you. I would like to offer encouragement about being an artist for God. The Lord put a burden on my heart to create art to glorify His holy name and that is what I've been doing the past few years. I have had no formal training either, just a history of craftmaking.
I feel the Lord has used the talent he has given me and as I press in for what He wants me to do, he offers inspiration! It is such a delightful, fulfilling process, knowing I am following His will for me. The desire of my heart is that those who see the art He has me do will sense the Holy Spirit within it and awaken their eyes more to behold the Holy Spirit.

God bless and guide you in your creative path!

Just do it!
by: Fred Baumbach

It's a funny thing Matt, I am an unschooled artist also, and I have found that when I lean on what I learn too much I actually don't express as well. It comes out better when it is birthed from within, trusting that God will express Himself through you.

That is not to say you should not "study to show yourself approved", but there is a balance. I find that having worship music on helps, even if I'm totally absorbed in the art piece.

I'm hoping to do a street painting piece this year, it's part of a secular community thing, but it brings the "ark of the Lord" that's inside you out in the open where God can minister, even if I see nothing actually happen.

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