"What's really holding you back?", Digital Painting

by Nigel Morgan
(New York, NY)

My pastor once told me, "As an artist, it is very hard to create outside of yourself." While working on this piece, those words that he uttered, could not have been more true.

"What's really holding you back?" is actually a reflection of myself as I had lived most of my adult life, nervous, in deep depression for almost twelve years, afraid to show my artwork...I did not initially intend to have this piece be a reflection of myself, but, as I worked on it more and more, it just turned out that way.

The beauty of this piece, as in my real life, is that I finally built up the courage to go outside, to shake depression and show the world what God has placed in me.

I would have gotten to this place sooner, had I known all along that Christ was the key.

Nigel Morgan

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whats really holding you back
by: chantel

Absolutely beautiful! I love the detail. It has such depth and is a sermon on canvas.
May you continue to paint as the Spirit leads.

The Art Piece (Our babies, or the Lord's)
by: Fred Baumbach

I understand the fear of rejection and the nervousness of presenting your gift before the world.

But I think Jesus smiles every time one of His children steps out, sword (of the Spirit) in hand and full armor on. Letting the Lord take the ground in hearts He has prepared.


You've Won!
by: Sara

Hi Nigel,

I wanted to thank you for posting your art. It is truly a victory.

It is my prayer that there will be no stopping you now, as you grow in the knowledge of the liberty we have, in Christ.

I trust that your step of faith in sharing your work will encourage many others who struggle, just as you once did.

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." Jn: 8:36


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