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Original artwork is now available for sale at Artpreneur.  View my Showroom, or click on the image below to be taken there!

Art Gallery Image. Photo courtesy Unsplash

Photo by Dannie Jing on Unsplash

If you've followed me online, you know that the work of my hands are created in moments of conversation with Jesus in the studio. Those are peaceful hours spent quietly with Him, regardless of the what might be happening in my life at the time.

Whenever I look back at each artwork, I remember. Memories come flooding back—memories of prayers, thoughts and circumstances at the time. Some are happy and carefree, but others are troubled. Somehow in the process of creating art, my anxious thoughts found their rest in Him. By the time I finished the work, there was usually a note of triumph in me. God is faithful always! I had no reason to be anything less than joyful.

When you look from the outside and see the finished artwork, you evaluate it from the neutral perspective of a viewer. Does it look good to you or not? That is to be expected.

But beyond my emotions of the process of art making, I've experienced something more.

God has used our private conversation, our joint adventure in paint, to speak to specific others. He speaks to each of those viewers differently when they stand before my art.  People have told me things He spoke to them and they were thoughts that never crossed my mind! I am just honored that He speaks through my art at all. And I am always surprised.

That is the power and magic of art created in partnership with Him! 

If you are in Texas, you can visit Giddens Gallery of Fine Art to view original art and purchase work from there.

Giddens Gallery of Fine Art, Grapevine, Texas featuring the art of Sara Joseph.

But I know that many of my visitors are from far away. For each of you, it is my hope that you'll browse my Showroom at Artpreneur to purchase original artwork, (not found at Giddens) Artwork can be shipped directly to you if you live in the United States.

Perhaps some work will speak to you, encourage and lift your spirits, or just remind you of a God who is faithful always! Perhaps you will consider some artwork worthy of hanging on a wall in your home as a reminder of His goodness. How about purchasing art as a gift, or as a legacy of faith to leave those who come after you? 

If some artwork of mine anywhere online catches your attention and you'd like to purchase a high quality giclee reproduction, instead of the original, please let me know. I can consider having one made.

Thank you for your patronage of my art.