"Eagle - The Prophetic Call"
Acrylic on Canvas

by Andrew de la Hunt-James
(Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

My inspiration for this work came from the Scriptures which tell of the Prophetic gifting being likened to an eagle.

The eagle is strong and powerful, has excellent vision, is tenacious and can soar at breathtaking heights. These aspects enable the eagle to fulfill it's purpose and exist as a bird of prey. Similarly, the prophetic gifting requires keen sight and insight, as Prophets are visionaries.

Inwardly they require a spiritual boldness and Holy Spirit power. This painting depicts these aspects and was painted during anointed church meetings where the Presence of God was tangible. I was aware of the Holy Spirit's leading throughout the artwork and was amazed at how quickly I was able to complete the work. I know God was enabling me in choice of colour, composition and brushstrokes.

Further inspiration came from spending much time observing eagles, both close up and from a distance as they soar above. They command a very real presence in the skies and cannot go unnoticed. God's word warns us not to despise the prophetic gifting.

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