by Tonja Sell

I have been a born-again lover of Christ for about 22 years. My husband is a Calvary Chapel pastor in a tiny Northern Wisconsin town. We have 4 kids that we home school and I create as I have time around church and family responsibilities. I am blessed to be able to do something I love and help earn some income (rural pastors usually need to be bi-vocational)

I rarely create specifically bible-based themed art (though I have) but believe my work represents the beauty of the Creator and His creation and reflects His goodness.

I am just thrilled to be able to connect with fellow believers who share a passion for Christ and for I am sure you are aware, it's difficult to find, especially in a rural culture.

Thanks Tonja for sharing your beautiful work. It has a wonderful, peaceful yet vibrant quality about it.

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by: Sunita

Love this painting. The vibrant colours used makes it a joyous picture that lingers on my mind for a long time, keeping me filled with HIS love.

Very Nice
by: Anonymous

This is a very beautiful painting...thanks for sharing it. I'm going to add a link to this on my blog.

The cry of the Bluebird
by: Fred Baumbach

Fred:Tonya, love your painting. The detail I find very interesting is the Bluebird.

I had an experience some years ago where I woke up in the morning to a bird call. The strange thing was I thought it was coming from inside me. I had a lot of bird video's at the time and tried to match it, but was getting nowhere. So I started praying. The Lord said in my heart "look in your old bird book under bluebird". When I looked it up the call was "Purity -Purity". This became basis for a symbolic painting on intercession for youth that I called "The call of the Bluebird"

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