Amanda (South Africa)

Dear Sara

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I needed this for a very long time.... "...tinker with tools, read art books and magazines and never really begin..." thats me!
I know I listen to the devil's lies about I'm not really artistic, I won't be able to put on the canvas the picture I have in my head, etc.
While I'm reading my Bible, I always get these beautiful pictures in my head that I want to paint. I'm sure that is what God wants me to do!
Thank you for this inspiring and motivating article! May God bless you!

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Getting started
by: Fred Baumbach

Amanda, I read your comment and being an unschooled artist who started later in life, I understand the hesitation.
This is a quote taken from "Winston Churchill the Painter". He is about 40 years old, standing before a blank canvas for the first time.
"Painting! But what are you hesitating about? Let me have a brush-the big one. Splash into the turpentine, wallop into the blue and white, frantic strokes and splashes of blue on the absolutely cowering canvas. Anyone could see that it could not hit back. No evil fate avenged the jaunty violence. The canvas grinned in helplessness before me. The spell was broken. The sickly inhibitions rolled away. I seized the large brush and fell upon my victim with berserk fury. I have never felt any awe of a canvas since.

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