Christian Artist's Calling

Christian artists who boldly declare their faith are rare. They must surely exist but it appears as if they have quietly disappeared into the fabric of society, indistinguishable from anyone else. Are you one who desires to be different? Do you have a divine calling? How can you know for sure?

Could you have a destiny that involves the creating of contemporary Christian art?

If you are browsing this website you've felt the tug – the desire to make a difference. You're already pondering these questions. They matter to you not on a casual level, but deeply.

That is because you are a Christian first - before you consider yourself an artist. As a Christian, you are aware of the gradual transformation that Jesus has made, and keeps making, in your life. Nothing about your faith is casual. Like the first strike of a match in a dark room, there is already a growing light, dispelling the darkness in all areas of your life. When you became a new Christian Jesus placed in you a burning desire to participate in His plan.

Along with that desire He gave you the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth regarding that plan. You don’t question the fact that you have a part to play. You know it with every fiber of your being.

Instead you ask, "Lord, what is my role in your plan?" How can you know with certainty that His plan includes using your creativity in some way?

Here are some questions to ponder:

• Are you sensitive to color and form, feeling a sense of satisfaction when you encounter color combinations that work? Do you experience a strange disquiet when colors are mismatched or forms lack balance?

• Do you enjoy a feeling of pleasure when you are creative, no matter how insignificant your endeavors may appear? Perhaps it was the thrill of merely rearranging objects in a pleasing order.

• Can you remember with vivid delight the times in your childhood when you impulsively created something?

• Do you find that the most meaningful gifts that you give and receive are handmade?

• Have others told you frequently that you are creative or talented? Have the recipients of your gifts been moved by your work?

• Do you think in visual terms, whether it is your grocery list or the paper that you read?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, you know that you have been gifted with the seed to begin your artistic journey.

This seed may appear ordinary. No seed gives a clue of its full potential. Does the cherry pit that we toss aside after savoring the sweetness of the fruit ever indicate the grace of the tree, the delicacy of the blossoms, or the abundance of its fruit?

If you have felt the smallest measure of delight when you scribbled a hasty sketch or squished play dough then you have shared with the Creator. You have shared in the special joy of creativity that is the springboard for creating Christian art. That joy is the clue.

The journey of discovery will find its fulfillment in unique plans that He has for you, as  a Christian artist in His service. The creation of meaningful Christian art will be the inevitable fruit of that journey.

Can I share with you an incredible secret that I learned on my artistic journey. Here it is. Ready?

Your skill matters less to Him than your willingness to partner with Him.

The seed of your 'gift', when returned to Him willingly, begins a partnership that is like the opening chapter of an adventure.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him." 1Cor2:9

As Christians, we know that Jesus transforms every area of our lives that we willingly invite Him into.

Why then should the area of Christian art be any different?

When I accepted His invitation I was completely unqualified. As a Christian artist, I simply did not have the skill, knowledge, or experience necessary for the circumstances that I found myself in. In fact, in my inadequacy His question for me was surprising.

"You're not capable, but are you willing to embark on this adventure with me?"

So friend, I ask you the same question. You may not be a superbly talented Christian artist. Instead, you may find yourself wishing you had abilities that seem vastly beyond anything you currently possess. But as a Christian artist you have a divine calling that begs to be honored with excellence.

I fervently hope that your answer will be to trust Jesus and to step out to create wonderful art that fulfills your calling and delights Him.
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