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I love the Overflow, where can I purchase this
by: Imelda reese

The Overflow picture speaks to me so strongly, where can I purchase this

Copy of Art?
by: Anonymous

I love this painting.... it speaks to me in so many ways. Do you sell pictures/paintings of this?

You can contact me at:

Our Living Water
by: Theresa

Thank you for the refreshing images, they will be with me whenever I read of Jesus being our living water.

Like the woman at the well I was seeking for things that could not satisfy - but then I heard the Master speaking, "Drink from this well, that never will run dry."

Praise Him for letting you express the beauty of His grace in your paintings...

The Feast of Tabernacles
by: Fred Baumbach

For those who like to study this, look up the "out pouring of water" that is done during the feast of Tabernacles (at least during Jesus time).

Then picture Jesus interrupting and shouting "Come unto me all who are thirsty"


Give and it shall be given to you.
by: Fred Baumbach

I am getting blessed just reading the comments from my friends.

Giving and sharing what God has given you is important, since God doesn't want you to hold on to it.

Let the Living Water flow from your heart in whatever form of expression He has given you.


Prophetic art uses spiritual gift
by: sschedra

Prophetic art can involve other spiritual gifts as well.

Fred once presented me with a painting that portrayed me worshiping in a dark cave where the light of God was wooing me out. This picture was an exact confirmation of a vision God had showed me of myself.

So, in this sense it was involving a word of knowledge. Fred is a gifted artist and a wonderful brother.

Prophetic Painting
by: Aslan

It is great that you allow God to move through your hands onto the canvas while you worship. Art inspired by God is the best art I've ever seen. Not many can release themselves to the Lord to allow Him to do His will through their hands. That "many" are limited by the knowledge they have in their head that they learned in the world. Not allowing the Holy Spirit to move through them is a bondage that they place upon themselves.
Keep being prophetic in your art Fred. The freedom you allow the Holy Spirit shows in what you produce. Your paintings and your heart pleases the Father.

Many Blessings,


Hart To Heart - Lion Of Judah Worship

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