It's our time.

by April Keissling
(Vancouver, WA USA)

Christmas Card Designs

Christmas Card Designs

I create because it is part of my vision, which I believe artists are given by God.

The Church has denied the value of visions of its painters and sculptors for many years. Some congregations consider any dream, or vision, which is spoken, or written, of some great import. Yet when artists contribute theirs in a visual form, we are often scorned, overly examined and met with suspicion.

Fortunately music has been encouraged to grow and experiment with the times in Church settings.

While I am happy for the musicians, it is time to stand up and defend our worth as members of the body of Christ, and asked to be considered people of value, with something important to contribute.

I am not exactly certain how make that happen, except to offer it and pray!

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by Michele N.

I create because I love Jesus and it is an expression of my love for Him to put it on canvas.

I know exactly what I want to do, but I do not have the skills (as yet!) to put on canvas what I want to put there.

It is the things I understand in a "practical" picture of the wonderful Word of God that I want to express visually, so that as you see the picture, much is understood.


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by LaMar Barber

Three figures called up


Awesome explanation and description of a Christian Artist...

Matthew 25:17

"In the same manner the one who had received the two talents gained two more."

Visual expression is my talent. I create to maximize my Father's gift to me. The world is lost and we must use all that we have to gain more for God.

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