Ronald Bader

I have a very simple definition of art. To me art is awareness and the action thereof...awareness of line, shape, color, life... what you are aware of that God has created.

I am a cabinet maker right now. When I have a cast off piece of wood, I see the beauty in the grain, the knots, the imperfections and I try to highlight those so others can see what was created through God's hand. When I see a shape, or whatever I want to follow the progression that it brings about in seeing, modifying as I let my God given abilities to take over.

I enjoy faces, and parts are parts- yet they are all different. Some have a beauty of face and some a beauty of spirit. When we allow God, through the new life in Christ, to show us what he has done and helps us to see and to allow Him to give us direction, we can try to show a glimpse of what is in creation.

The joy we receive in just seeing it and then sharing that vision with others is enough to sustain us.

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