Psalm 23 in Poetry and Art

Psalm 23, written by David and beloved to generations of Christians and Jews has been recited in fox holes, trenches and at many a bedside bringing comfort and hope.

I will Dwell
Sara Joseph

I will Dwell, Watercolor by Sara Joseph

David probably never would have imagined that it would be translated into so many languages and become such a compelling source of encouragement. The timelessness of the psalm, is because of its true author - the Holy Spirit.

“I Will Dwell” is a watercolor that was inspired by the last verse of Psalm 23. It was painted quickly in one session. Watercolor retains its freshness only when it is not overworked. If I did not work rapidly, I would most likely give in to my tendency to fuss with the painting, long after it should be considered complete. Sometimes simply stopping the painting, a little before I think it is finished, keeps me from picking at it and adding annoying, unnecessary little details! These only take away, rather than enhance the painting.

I do not consider myself a poet – I just love playing with words, just as I love playing with line, shape and color. When I decide on what to say, I simply write the words out and rearrange them, until they eventually make sense to me.

I know that this doesn’t sound like complicated instructions. But my objective is not to impress, but to express. I prefer to be accused of simplicity, rather than pomposity.

This method of writing to compliment my art, without any preconceived notions as to how the final result should be, has freed me to be myself.

I like to compare myself to an unsupervised child with a blank wall and a new box of crayons!

So join me and experience the impish sense of adventure, not quite knowing what to expect, as you combine art with words.

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