On Wings Like Eagles

by Adam Uhlig
(Savannah GA)

On Wings Like Eagles, Isaiah 40:31, Adam Uhig

On Wings Like Eagles, Isaiah 40:31, Adam Uhig

My name is Adam Uhlig. I came to the Lord several years ago while in my third year of college. After following after the world an emptiness kept growing in me and a longing for change seemed inescapable. I was soon hit with depression and anxiety and realized I needed big changes in my life that I couldn't make on my own strength.

I got invited to a local church and began attending a bible study. I remember being drawn towards the preaching and for the first time being able to see the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe God used the pain of depression and anxiety to draw me to him to show me I was in desperate need of a savior.

Soon after transferring to a school back in Savannah I made a decision to get baptized. I began understanding with more depth what it means to follow and surrender to Christ. I got plugged in with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry on my campus and soon joined the ministry team and then the leadership team. I also participated in many retreats, on campus events, and several mission trips which greatly changed my life.

Some of my most profound and powerful experiences were serving on mission trips we took to North Georgia, ministering to impoverished refugees from all over the world. After I transferred back to Savannah I switched my major over to what I seemed to be most passionate about... Fine Arts. I focused in illustration, painting, and my last year sculpting.

It wasn't long before I began to question if God was calling me to make art to advance his kingdom and glorify him. My senior show had two major pieces based off Romans 1:16 (unashamed of the gospel) and Proverbs 28:1 (being as bold as a lion). God began showing me how art is a platform to share truth with people and I've been hungry to use my art to do so ever since.

I get many opportunities everyday to connect with people and I find that using art greatly aids me in the process of sharing myself and my testimony with others. I thank God for a passion for creativity and a passion to share his love and use visual art to do so.

The piece I've chosen to submit comes directly from Isaiah 40:31 and is about waiting on the lord and finding renewed strength (endurance for the long road/journey called life). The piece began as a design in my printmaking class and made it's way onto Photoshop after the final critique and submission of the project. This image draws on stained glass art and was rendered digitally using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to achieve the final look. This is one of many scriptures that has seemed to jump off the page and grab my attention.

I am very drawn toward Scriptures that uplift, encourage, and strengthen and so my art tends to reflect these themes very often. If you are interested in seeing more work please feel free to visit my website: www.adamuhlig.com or check out my facebook @ www.facebook.com/AUDesigns

-God Bless

-Adam Uhlig

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An Answer to Prayer
by: Rosie Foshee

This site is an answer to prayer. Christian artists are far and wide apart in this country and in the world. Here on this site, we can find encouragement and inspiration in our calling.

I turned to Christian art and blogging because somehow I wanted to share the message of God's Word and His love with others. When we travel, I look for open opportunities to share with others, but the opportunities are too few for me.

I long to share God's Word with others. And I felt visual Christian art would help people to retain God's Word in their heart. When people see something with their eyes, they may retain it sometimes for years. They may not retain everything, but it may be enough to make a difference in that person's life spiritually.

We used to attend this conference when our girls were teenagers, and these girls are now in their 30s, 40's and now 50. During this conference the speaker would use chalk art, and the art was beautiful, so much so, that even today, that man's teachings of God's Word lingers in my memory.

Thank you for bringing this site to us, and as I said, this site is an answer to prayer. My site is www.openthoumineeyes.wordpress.com

God bless,
Rosie Foshee

Recent Projects
by: Adam Uhlig

Right now I'm working full time so I don't get as much time to work on polished images as I'd like, but I'm always working on art on the side as much as I can. Right now I'm finishing up a children's book I'm illustrating for a c
Christian maternity home (they also own a store to help finance their crisis pregnancy program). You can check out a few of the illustrations for that project here www.adamuhlig.com or at www.facebook.com/audesigns

Thanks for your interest!

-Adam Uhlig

Christian Art
by: Anonymous

Adam, I really like your conversion story. My aunt also likes to do christian creatives. I really like the picture you did. How often do you do new pictures.

by: Adam Uhlig

Amen. Thank you for putting together this site, and I'm praying the Lord will use it to encourage many people (especially Christians pursuing the visual arts)

Thank you, Adam
by: Sara

I pray that your testimony and art will continue to draw, encourage and uplift others. May you draw nearer to the Lord and learn from Him how to use all your talents for His glory and may He grow you in skill and ability.
In Jesus name,

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