The Noah's Ark Commission

The story of Noah's ark as described in the Bible is still hotly debated. It captures the imagination of children, the contempt of the skeptic and the careful study of some in the scientific community. The recent attempt at reinventing the account by Hollywood is indicative of its longevity as a powerful story from the past.

It appears as if, despite the best efforts of some, the story of the Biblical flood and Noah's ark cannot be dismissed as a myth. Vitriol is directed at those who would be simple enough to believe the account as described in the Bible. However, there is serious, ongoing scientific and archaeological inquiry into this subject. I am no expert on the latest research - just a student of the Bible.

To me, it is a credible event because Jesus verified it saying,

"Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.” Lk17: 26,27

Long ago I settled the debate within me when I knew that Jesus was The Truth. He has since given me no reason to doubt Him, or His word.

If He spoke of the flood as a historical event, then the story of Noah's ark is not a myth. So with that settled, what secrets can be gleaned from Noah's ark project that will benefit you, as a Christian artist?

The building of Noah's ark was an outstanding architectural endeavor that had to meet some very challenging parameters. God provided the instructions, and Noah the willingness and the obedience.

• Noah was no stranger to the voice of God. He had the sensitivity to listen and receive complex instructions for this mammoth project.

• Noah's righteousness qualified him to become God’s partner in this endeavor. That is a requirement for every joint venture with God.

• Noah exhibited implicit trust in God’s provision. The building of the ark required enormous amounts of material, yet there is no account of him arguing with God about a lack of supplies!

• It is not clear how long it took to build Noah's ark, but it is possible to make an educated guess. Noah was 500 years old when he is first mentioned, and 600 at the time of the flood. So at a minimum, the ark took at least a hundred years of dedicated labor to build!

• Noah’s name meant "comfort". His role was to offer the comfort of redemption to a world gone foul with sin.

His 100-year project was 'performance art' at its best. With every blow of the hammer, it proclaimed one message – "Repent, before the coming flood."

• His hard labor was undoubtedly met with ridicule, or there would have been more people in the ark with him, or perhaps no flood at all.

Here are some conclusions that I’ve drawn. They may help you with your art.

• Spend time in prayer and the study of His Word to familiarize yourself with God’s voice as Noah did.

• If God was specific with Noah, He can be specific with you.

• Do not be daunted by the scope of God’s call. If God could bring the animals to Noah, provide every scrap of wood and bucket of pitch… He can supply you with ideas and tangible material supplies as the need arises.

• Apply yourself to the task, like Noah did. It will involve strenuous effort. Stay always conscious that your life’s body of work must be consistent.

Noah didn’t stop building his ark after 50 years, and in the next 50 build a tower instead! Despite the long period of time that it took to build the Noah's ark, he faithfully kept at his task. His message never changed, and his work never lost fervor or urgency.

• Noah did not allow ridicule to steer him off course.

• Although each day with its sunrise and sunset seems the same, the clock is ticking. There will be a final completion to your entire artistic endeavor, and a testing of the fruit of your labor.

• God is the author and finisher of your artistic exploits. God summoned Noah as He summons you. He provides all the plans.

Scripture records that God had the final word – He closed the door of Noah’s ark, signifying the completion of the work.

On that final day when you stand before Him, let the record show that you too, like Noah, "did all that the Lord commanded." Gen:7:5

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