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Living Water
by: Gailand

Again, I share Sara's enthusiasm and comments about the painting style and enthusiasm that jumps off the canvas.

I am not real fond of words in a painting. They are so powerful in conveying an idea, but without a viewpoint shared by the painting itself, that once the word is read, we no longer search for meaning in the artistic means of expression nor enjoy the aesthetic engagement and adventure.

I would rather have liked to see a sprouting plant near the foreground, lovingly nurtured by the living water, or in this case, even a butterfly or dragonfly even though these are often over used cliches.

Looking at your painting again, I really like the idea of a plant. It would relate nicely to the established trees in the background. They have already been established by the loving, living water. The result of being close to the living water while young.

You are a master of color and paint in expressing your feelings and in a strong composition. Ann, I hope you find the symbolism comments helpful.

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