Jerusalem Early Morning Mists,

by Kosinski Studio
(Grassy Creek, NC, USA)

Jerusalem Early Morning Mists

Jerusalem Early Morning Mists

Jerusalem means City of Shalom. Peace is a shallow translation of Shalom, which goes deep into one's spirit, because it is rooted in Christ, who is our Rest.

When I lived in Jerusalem, I explored it from many angles and walked almost all of it's streets and back alleys. Destroyed more times than any other city in the world, it keeps coming back up.

But there is a City coming from above that will endure. This physical one has many fascinating aspects but will not compare with the real City.

It's a painting that I nearly threw away - but doused in the shower, scrubbed it down with a scouring pad, touch it up and it became the most popular print In my collection.

Viewed from the South side of the Old City, the most attractive aspect.

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