Is God Real?

Is God real?  Can one really know with certainty? Yes, He is, and yes you can.

Some declare that He is just a figment of human imagination and therefore a created being.  But could He possibly be the Creator, independent of Creation? Why grapple with these questions in a modern society, appearing to thrive contentedly independent, for the most part, of any such consideration?

"Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves;

we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture." Psalm 100: 2,3

Atheists seem particularly indignant that conversations about the existence God simply refuse to go away. There is something persistently annoying to them about the very notion. But why should it bother them if they are confident that He does not exist? Why fill enormous billboards denouncing His existence if He is just conceived by man - a crutch for weak, illiterate people? Why are they not equally distraught about others who believe that people are reborn as insects because of their evil past? Somehow that doesn’t bother them as much as the assertion of a Supreme God, in particular, the God of the Bible.

“Is God real?” is a question Googled frequently. It reflects the heart cry of a generation searching for someone to confidently tell them that He is. One would imagine that these are people eager for convincing arguments either for, or against, the possibility of a real God.

The question “is God real? “ is not asked by those wishing to disprove His existence, but rather by people who already know in their hearts that He does exist. They are searching for affirmation – either from someone to anchor the whispers in their heart of His existence, or to justify their turning away from what they inherently know to be true.

What is also disturbing is the subtle turning away from the reality of the existence of  the God of the Bible by some contemporary church going Christians.  I cannot judge them harshly since I too exist in the same culture and understand the pressures to question the existence of God as described in the pages of the Bible. I too live in a society that appears to get away with mocking, maligning or just plain ignoring Him.

I receive emails from Christians who are disillusioned - not necessarily with God, as much as with other Christians, who they felt ought to have done a better job of pointing them to Him. They are unfortunately unable to discern that their angst is not with God, but with people who claimed to know Him but denied His existence by their very actions.

I feel no compulsion to urge you to believe that God is indeed real. You already do. I am here to affirm and to encourage you to do more with your intuitive knowledge of the reality of God. I would love to inspire you to press on with that little voice within you that affirms that God is real  - that is your seed of faith. Plant it firmly and press on to discover more.

I am a witness to more than just His existence; I am a witness to His incredible goodness and love.  Sadly, when our ideas about God are handed over for others to form, shape and mold, then asking “Is God real?” is not a surprising outcome. On the other hand, believing what the Bible says about Him is the quickest way to experience His reality for yourself. There are not enough words that I could write on this page to convince you of how marvelously real He is. All I can do is be a witness, telling you of what I know.

In response to the query “Is God real?” I declare “ Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt!”

“But” you may say to me, “how can you know for sure?” Is there a way to know Him and make Him known? Yes, indeed there is. But it requires you to take ownership of the challenge. You have to consider the pursuit worthy of your time and effort. Life is fast and all of us are rushed, you must choose to slow down and trust that spending time seeking God, even if it may produce little visible benefits at first, is truly productive. I am here to testify that there is no better time spent than engaging in just such a pursuit!

You must decide to become a student of the Bible, taught not by self-proclaimed “experts” but rather by God Himself. All it requires is time, diligence and the conviction that it will be truly worth the search. Come before Him in humility, acknowledging that He is the only worthy source of answers to your many questions.

Too many shut God out of their lives, because they reason their way out of believing in His existence, based on their understanding. If using our limited understanding were the only way of knowing Him, then the possibility of getting to know Him is already sabotaged.  How much of this world do we really understand? Most of us have only a childlike understanding of how our computers or phones work – but that sure doesn’t stop us from using them! When you recognize that you cannot possibly comprehend God with your limited brain, then it is best to approach Him with faith.

If you claim – “But blind faith is for fools!” the I would have to ask you if "blind faith"  is what you would call boarding a plane to travel across the country? After all, how much of the inner workings of the plane can you explain? How about the pilot in whom you place your trust to fly you safely to your destination? Do you know with certainty if he had a restful night of sleep and is alert enough for the task? All you are doing is trusting in some assumptions that are reasonable – air travel is relatively safe, pilot’s performance is monitored…Therefore flying a plane is a relatively safe endeavor. That is not "blind faith" but a reasonable conclusion based on reasonable assumptions.

Similarly, marvel at the magnificence of the world around you and know that the same God who created it, declared that He was knowable if approached in faith. Millions took Him at His word and discovered that He was indeed real and wonderfully gracious. Consider their words, which have stood the test of time and then use that same measure of faith to come before Him.

"But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Heb11:6 KJV

When you come before God, you MUST acknowledge His existence before any more will be revealed to you! That may sound ridiculous when you are on a quest to build faith. But the Bible teaches that you have indeed been given “ a measure of faith” which you are expected to put to use when you approach Him.

I realize that you’re on this page because you were asking the question “is God real?” You will know that He is real, yet ONLY if you will suspend all your preconceived notions about Him and, for the moment, agree that He is.  Begin there – put that measure of faith to work, saying, “Ok God, I will pretend for the moment that you are indeed real. Please show me as I seek to know who you are.”

Then, do as I did, study the Bible by assigning God as your teacher.

"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come." Jhn 16:13

That’s when the fun begins. Then and only then does the Spirit of God come to guide you into ALL truth. He will show you things to come.  He will prove to you that He is real. He will drop secrets into your spirit, wonderful promises of things to come.  Patiently trust in them until they unfold just as He said, then no one will dissuade you from the knowledge that God is indeed real!

He will help you understand, trust and receive those treasures of the spirit that can come no other way. That is an adventure waiting to be enjoyed. I can’t quite convey the thrill of that – hearing His whisper through the words of the Bible as you read - whispers for the challenges of life.  

I’d hear them often faintly, then write them down, mark, date and review them often. Then I'd eagerly watch for and expect them to come to pass, until one day … it would happen just like He said it would! If you have that happen just once, you'll walk around in awe! Have life unfold for you repeatedly in that manner and no one will ever again make you doubt that God is real! Instead, you’ll join me in proclaiming, with reverence and awe, that God does exist, He is real and faithful to His word to perform it!

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