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by: Gailand

You now show your versatility by putting your painting energy in a simple narrative (something is happening), the triumphal entry. You have avoided the temptation to which many Christian artists fall, that of sticking level two or level three symbols into a narrative painting. Most often only level one symbolism works in a narrative painting.

What are these levels of symbolism?

Level one: Objects which stand for themselves and carry only the meaning of the object, or a meaning that is well understood by the intended audience, without modifying the object.

Level two: The object is recognizable, but the meaning is more specific and is dependent on a modified treatment, like the Christ breaking free of the cross in the "Life" painting.

Level three: The symbol carries an assigned meaning like a rose meaning "love" or an empty cross meaning "Life", when it was used for death and can carry the meaning with many types of modifications as long as it is recognizable.

Level four: The symbol has meaning for the artist, but is known only by the sharing of the meaning to others, or by the context in which the symbol is found in the works.

Hope this gives you some ideas to work with, and is also a strong confirmation from me to you, as to the esteem I hold your talents, just from these few examples.

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