Christian Poetry and Art
Psalm 126:5

This example of Christian poetry and art was inspired by the profound words of Psalm 126:5 The wonderful strangeness of the promise is a little challenging to wrap your mind around. But Oh, what a precious promise for all of us who have faced bleak, seemingly hopeless circumstances!

The Bible promises us that if we choose to sow, even if in tears, we will reap a harvest. The very act of sowing is an act of faith, trusting God to bring to harvest that which we long to see when in the midst of our trying circumstances. Turning over to God all our failures, losses and even broken dreams, in faith, allows Him to work the sort of beauty, which only He can accomplish!

Sow in Tears, Reap with Songs of Joy
Polymer Clay Relief Sculpture
Sara Joseph

Sow in Tears, Reap with Joy, Polymer Clay, Sara Joseph

"Those who sow in tears,
will reap with songs of joy.
He who goes out weeping,
carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him"

This is one of the larger works that I've created in polymer clay with gold foil, which I secured onto a wood panel. It is two feet square in medium relief.

"A Secret"

I stumbled on a secret rare
When so confused and full of care
Calmed a soft Eternal voice
Silencing the endless noise

Startled, I had to ponder
So strange I had to wonder
Sow in tears to reap with joy
"Sow what?"was my helpless cry

Sorrow, pain and many tears,
Restless worry hopeless fears
Hardly worthy seed to sow
I had to try if I must know.

My sorry seed He received
Such rich treasure, He decreed
Lord of the Harvest, I did not see
That in my sowing, I could be free.

Many blossoms, bright and bold
Treasure more dear than fine gold
To truly trust Him, a secret rare
This harvest then I gladly share

Do sow in tears, and you will reap
With songs of joy, such peace to keep

© 2007 Sara Joseph

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