Bold as a Lion

by Adam Uhlig
(Savannah GA)

Boldness (Proverbs 28:1)

Boldness (Proverbs 28:1)

A few years after giving my life to Christ a burning desire to be bold about my faith began to grow within me. Since then that desire has not left... Once you taste the goodness of God and his transformative power it's almost impossible to not want to spread the good news and stand up for the faith. I began finding verses that confirmed this desire such as Romans 1:16 (being unashamed of your faith because of the power of the gospel) and especially verses such as Proverbs 28:1 describing a righteous person being as bold as a lion.

Fear is something I have struggled with since childhood. Once I started college, depression and social anxiety began to surface and become huge issues. The Lord used these weaknesses to draw me to himself and from that point on he has been converting fear into confident and hopeful faith. I still have my struggles but I am certainly in a different place today than I was three to four years ago. All glory to Jesus and the gospel for the growth and progression. The Lord is in the business of healing and inner transformation and it happens when we begin to grab hold of the truths in scripture and become better acquainted with his presence.

In my case, coming from a place of (at times) overwhelming fear and now possessing a growing passion and desire to be bold is solely a result of God's Holy Spirit's work within me. All praise to the King and his good works that are still taking place even to this day.

Lets get acquainted with the goodness of God and be bold enough to spread it like wildfire!

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