Birds on a Wire, Mixed Media

by Teena M. Stewart
(Hickory, NC)

Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire

Teena M. Stewart

"This is part of my mixed media bird series. The series is based on "cliches" (visual or spoken) or well known sayings. I think sometimes I start creating without a clear idea of what the message is. After I take a step back and look at the finished work, the meaning often shines through. I find that a subliminal message bubbled up to the surface.

With this particular work, I've often noticed the way birds cluster on a wire in almost human fashion, as a clique with gaps between them. Some seem rather chummy with each other, while others either choose not to associate with the group, or are left out. That says a lot about our broken human nature. It also says a lot about individuality.

God made us all unique. I chose text that seemed to have a deeper meaning to go on the work. Again, it says a lot about human nature, where our hearts and minds are. As with most of my work, I love to work in recycled components because I find a spiritual message in it.

God loves and values us despite our brokenness; He can turn trash into something beautiful and valuable."

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