"Another Headland. The Same, Yet Different." Oil Painting.

by Aileen McLeod

Another Headland. The Same, Yet Different.

Another Headland. The Same, Yet Different.

As I studied the headland, from my window, a feeling of 'life's daily changes' overwhelmed me and the urge to capture this beauty took over.

I used these poetic words to describe my subject.

There it stands, majestically stark
Another headland, compelling, dark
The same, yet different
The sea so blue; white spray pounds the base
The sea, pale silver, white foam, like lace
There it stands, moods ever-changing
The same, yet different
Each headland is a special sight
Sunrise at morning, moonlight at night
God's glory forever it abounds
Another headland, the sea surrounds
The same, yet different

Aileen McLeod

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