Accelerated Christian Education

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Looking for an accelerated Christian education? Time is short and you may not have the resources to seek formal training in understanding God's Word. Whether you are a new Christian, or just want to enhance your understanding of the Bible this page has some useful links.

Peace in the Fire, Polymer Clay Relief Sculpture, Sara Joseph

Peace in the Fire
Polymer Clay Relief Sculpture
Sara Joseph Copyright 2009

I've included these links to help give you an accelerated Christian education by including websites created by contemporary Christians who share their faith openly and unashamedly. This is straight talk from those who have insight into truths of the Bible. I recommend their sites because I am convinced that without a growing knowledge of the Bible the pursuit of creating Christian art is empty.

Like any other recommendation, you must know that I'm not fully aware of all the editorial content of the sites listed. I trust the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you as you browse. If you find questionable content in any of these sites please let me know.

As I best understand it, the creators of these sites have the same mission as I do.

This is also your mission - to extend the kingdom of God. To this end, they labor faithfully.

It is my prayer that you will benefit from these sites and gain for yourself an accelerated Christian education. Then pursue quality Christian art with integrity.

Who God is The Who God Is Blog is written with the intent of showing that God is relevant to the world in which you live.

Christian Resources Today A Christian web site with Bible study online articles, Christian videos, Biblical names, Christian quotes, Biblical meaning of numbers, martyrs, testimonies and much more.

God's Directions for Life: This website was designed to help one identify with the Word of God as revealed through His Spirit.

Blueprint for Victorious Christian Living This site is is meant for the person who truly desires a deeper walk with God. The Bible gives an exact blueprint for living victoriously. You must make the choice to follow its directions.

Ultimate Tube Ultimate Tube is Christian video-driven social network. Share and upload Christian music Videos and sermon MP3 and explore Christian faith and the tenets of Christianity.

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