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The Christian Palette, Issue # 24, Value: the thermostat of our lives
May 10, 2019

Value: the thermostat of our lives

Within a few minutes of meeting someone, we can usually tell what they are passionate about.

What they value will be reflected in what excites them, where their interests lie, what bores or angers them, what inspires, motivates or stresses them.... Values provide an accurate pulse on a person's life, much like a thermostat in a room.

What do you value?

I long to be an excellent artist, serving God with integrity and passion. I know that if you are a regular visitor to the site, then you are the same. You work at your craft, practice to improve and take art classes to increase understanding of your favorite medium.

As artists, we value anything that increases our ability in art. Classes and workshops, offering the promise of improvement in technical skills, are considered valuable and worth taking.

Yet the Bible proclaims something entirely different.

It suggests a world that cannot be experienced in the realm that we are most comfortable in - the realm of the tangible. As Christians, we know that the spiritual world influences the material world.

What does Jesus say about what to value?

“And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” Luke 4:4
According to Him, the world's bread, while necessary, is not as life giving as every word of God!

Wow! Bread alone will suck the life out of us and leave us dissatisfied.

Yet do you really believe that?

Here is a check list of things to think about.

• How much do you value God’s word?

• Is your life governed by it?

• Can you live well as an artist without caring about what the Bible says?

• Do you really believe that God may have specific instructions for you found only in the Bible?

• How much time and faith do you invest in the truths in the Bible?

Let's elaborate on the analogy of bread. Learning about bread making, baking, knowing how a good loaf ought to taste, what it ought to look like, when it is best to pull out of the oven, how long a loaf can last… may be worth studying. But it cannot give us life.

Life as God intended can ONLY be lived with understanding and obedience to every word of God.

For an artist, learning about technique, style, framing, marketing, conserving… while all necessary and worthwhile pursuits, they pale in comparison to what is really important.

What should we value?

God's word from the Bible as it pertains to our unique lives as artists.

A deep understanding of the riches in His word, every promise, every commandment, every prerequisite for becoming successful God's way — that should be our life's passion, our blessed pursuit.

The longer I walk with the Lord on this journey, the more I realize how powerful the Bible is as a manual for every aspect of my creative life.

God's presence is made manifest in my life when I understand His words in the Bible and put them to practice! My confidence in His faithfulness has only grown with each passing year.

The Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists was created to bring that understanding and value to the lives of contemporary artists.

Classes can be taken at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. Every class you purchase you own, so you can view them again and again.

I have experienced first hand the power of God’s Holy Word. I am awed by its ability to transform lives because God honors those who honor His word.

Check the School out, think about the ideas and concepts taught from the Bible, soak in its truths to grow in faith and transform your art life as I did mine.

Let us together set our sights on more than mere human bread, let us instead partake of the Bread of Life, from the Giver of Life to become artists in His service, empowered by His anointing.

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