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The Christian Palette, Issue # 23, Just Ask
May 04, 2018

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Just Ask!

As a recipient of this newsletter, your opinion is invaluable to me.

I've learned much from the Lord that I can scarce keep up in the newsletters or on the website! The insight I've gained has so revolutionized my life as an artist, that I am confident that it will yours as well.

Therefore, I am considering offering online classes for Christian artists using video, slides, downloadable notes...

My vision for these classes is for them be more than just lessons teaching techniques and skills, although they may include some of those. Instead, I envision classes that will delve into the Bible to teach you how to develop the mindset of a successful Christian artist finding rich inspiration, confidence and supernatural ability from its pages. Is this something that would interest you?

If so, what would you like to see covered? What questions do you struggle with, what are your concerns? Over the years, I've noticed that similar questions are asked by those who reach out to me. I'd like to hear from you so that I can design classes for you. What would you like to learn?

Please write and tell me what you would like these classes to cover. Thank you so very much for being such a responsive group of fellow artists!

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