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The Christian Palette, Issue #12 -- Improve Your Drawing Skills
October 09, 2015

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Improve Your Drawing Skills

Drawing is a vital skill for every aspiring artist. Part of my aspirations for this ezine was to share interesting, or useful, information that would benefit you as artists.

Therefore, I am including links to some inexpensive classes that you can take to improve.

As an artist, the best thing that you can do is to invest in honing essential skills so that you can be creative without allowing a lack of drawing ability to hold you back.

Click on the images below to find out more about these classes that are all under $50 each.I have included a variety for all skill levels and interests.

Please be aware that these are merely recommendations. I am an affiliate, and as an affiliate, I will receive a commission should you decide to take these classes.

Drawing Essentials: Rendering Form
Drawing the Draped Figure
Perspective in Landscape Drawing
10 Essential Techniques for Better Drawing
Mixed Media Drawing: Colored Pencil & Ink Wash
Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday

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