Love and only Love can make my Soul take flight

by Giorgio Tuscani
(Studio City, Ca. USA)

It was around 3 o'clock in the morning and I was still painting. My body was tired, but my heart wanted to continue to paint. As I stumbled over to change the classical CD I was listening to, I tipped over a pint of white paint on the black linen that I was using as a catch all for my paint splatters. I didn't want to throw away the soaked filled black linen so I just neatly pressed it together and placed it on top of a pile of cotton canvases I had stacked in a corner.
Fast forward 18 years later, I receive and anonymous email stating, "You are pretty good for a ONE-IDEA artist!" I have and continue to dream of Angels, of Mary, Jesus and Divine Beings but I only painted Angels so I knew what this person was referring too. This email ran straight through my heart and shattered it. I just could not believe that someone would be so cruel to a stranger. For over 6 months I could not even step into my studio because of this email. But one particular evening I walked into my studio and sat down and said, "Maybe this person is right. Maybe I should stop painting these stupid Angels!"
I thought I would just change directions so I was looking for a new canvas and in that pile of cotton canvases I spotted a black linen that was folded into a small square. I pulled it out and pried it apart, all the while thinking, "Why is this stuck?" After getting the linen unstuck I tacked it onto my board and sat back.
I tilted my head to the left and said,"You have got to be kidding me?" I turned the linen clockwise 90 degrees and stood back and saw a huge pair of white wings in the center of the linen and a smaller pair towards the bottom and two faint semi circles at the top. I said, "I get it God. I don't need any more proof or another sign of what I am supposed to be painting!" Tears were streaming down my face because I had doubted my God-given talent and the subject matter God was talking to me through which were/are Angels. But I was filled with happiness because I knew God was listening to me all along. I just painted the yellow robe, the background sky and the rest was God's doing...the two pairs of white wings and the two halos.

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